Pediatric Dentistry under General Anesthesia

Professional private treatment High availability

Central Location

Ramat Hahayal

Professional Staff

Specialist in pediatric dentistry, anesthesiologist and experienced dental assistant

Advanced standards

Treatments are performed in a fully equipped operating room at the Atidim Medical Center

If your child requires pediatric dental work under General Anesthesia, the need is generally urgent. We are prepared to schedule appointments for treatment with high availability.

Our center offers a wide range of treatments including extractions, root canals and crowns.
Pediatric treatments under General Anesthesia are designed for cases in which multiple treatments are required or in lieu of a prolonged treatment.
These are instances whereby local anesthesia and sedation are insufficient to relax the child being treated.

What Is The General Anesthesia Process?

Anesthesia Is A Medical Procedure That Allows Comprehensive Dental Treatment To Be Performed On A Child, While The Child Is Relaxed And Does Not Feel Pain. Anesthesia Allows The Pediatric Dentist To Perform Treatment With Other Methods That Would Otherwise Be Painful Or Provoke Anxiety Under The Best Of Conditions. Theanesthesiologist Is Responsible For Administering The Anesthesia As Well As Monitoring The Vital Functions Of The Child, Including Blood Pressure; Heart, Lung And Brain Activity; The Child’s Body Temperature And Blood Oxygen Levels. The Anesthesiologist In Conjunction With The Pediatric Dentist Accompanies The Child Throughout The Surgery And Recovery, To Ensure The Safety And Well-Being Of The Child.

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Dr. Noam Birman

Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry


Graduate of the Hebrew University -Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem andgraduate of the Hebrew University – Hadassah residency program in pediatric dentistry, Jerusalem.

Dr. Birman currently serves as senior pediatric dentist and teaches the next generation of pediatric dentistry residents.

Extensive experience in dental treatments under General Anesthesia.

Lectures and attends conferences in Israel and overseas.

Secretary of The Israeli Society of Dentistry for Children (ISDC)and former member of the Society Committee.

Member ofThe International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD)


When he is not working, Dr. Birman loves to read and run.

Raised in Haifa and attended Hebrew Reali in Haifa.

Married to Nurit and the father of Shay and Shaked.



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